Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ok, so we are on the same page

*SATURDAY.... MARCH 8 ,9AM..... scout out PCity locations

*SUNDAY.......MARCH 9, marathon photoshoot:)
start at 1:30, downtown SLC than up to Park City till Sunset...dinner yuMMMMMM
wear red heels and jacket, Carid-black

*SATURDAY MARCH 13..... probably around 2:00 drive to Salt Flats and Lake until Sunset
wear dress and tie

We are having a b-day party for Taylor on Friday night Mar 12 at my mom's house:)

* Let's try to have the Bridal Shower on Friday night May 7, Bridal Photoshoot all day on Saturday May 8 and Mother's Day is Sunday May 9....hopefully that works for everyone!

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